Well Adulthood came a little sooner than I had anticipated… But who am I to complain.

Just a few months ago, right around the time I graduated, I had never been so stressed out in my life. It is the craziest feeling not knowing where you are going to be in a year, six months or even a month. The only thing I did know was that I needed to get out of Alabama.

Alabama will always hold the greatest memories, but there comes a time when those adventurous feelings kick harder and harder. I wanted so desperately to live in a bigger city, but I did not actually think that would come so quick. Life after college goes by a lot quicker than I imagined. I see peers from high school and college getting married and having kids, but I just can’t imagine that life right now because I know how much I need to accomplish before getting there. I can still pass for 16… so I’m more than happy with where I am right now.

Anyway, August 18th I was officially hired on as the Project Management Specialist at Vendevor, a division of Payscape Advisors. Also a division that has switched names recently due to a buy out of another e-commerce platform. I’ve only been apart of this team for two months, but I have already gained so much knowledge about the marketing world online. It is still a newer interest of mine, but I have really grown to enjoy website building more and more. It may require a creative license, but it is just another challenge I accept with great pleasure. A positive reaction from a client or superior makes it all worth it.

Managing the content and design of a website can be stressful, but only if you cannot learn to prioritize what is most important. As business advisors, you must learn to adapt to case-by-case situations. Understanding a client’s expectations seems easy, but when there is no clear vision in the first place, that is where things can get tricky. I think that is why I love this position I am in so much. I’ve always been that person that looks for a solution. No matter how long it may take, I find great satisfaction in solving a problem.

I have also learned that flexibility leads to growth. With my team, all ideas are laid out on the table. Everyone has a say. There is so much room for growth in Payscape, I really can’t see myself anywhere else for quite awhile. Atlanta is everything I had hoped it would be and more. The people I work with are amazing, the environment is great and the events are incredible.

A month after my internship started, Payscape hosted one of the best charitable events I had ever attended. For a golf tournament I did not actually participate in, it was one of the greatest nights I’ve had while being in Atlanta so far. Live music, free waffle house, jimmy johns, drinks, etc… It is fair to say, everyone enjoyed that night.

Also, the picture in this post isn’t from that night, that’s just your average lunch outing with Payscape employees.

We are Hiring!


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