Be Kind

My cousin addressed a very important issue this week that should be presented more often: bullying.

You really never know what people are going through. Sure you might have had a really terrible day and you can’t help but slightly take it out on others. No is perfect, that is clear.

Just think about it every now and then.

Think before you speak is a great piece of advice I should abide by more.

If telepathy really exists, those people are quite fortunate. For those that always feel the need to blatantly speak their minds, I feel a little sorry for you. Those “without a filter” haven’t yet discovered the real consequences of their actions; but it is only a matter of time. Many have likely been bullied on some kind of level. Others, like myself, have experienced more than the average person. Many rumors were spread and bystanders probably reasoned it as the truth. Who knows what is correct and what’s not? That is a fair realization.

It is important to realize that a great amount of people that you speak to everyday can be going through a major internal or external battle. Please don’t make anyone’s life harder than it really needs to be. Not everyone can even begin to relate to what another person may be going through.

When you find out something tragic about a loved one, relative, acquittance; it kind of hits home, doesn’t it?

Be more cautious before you get there. It might save some heartache in a place you weren’t even aware of. Again, try putting yourself in someone’s shoes. You may not even come remotely close to understanding another person’s mind set, everyday lifestyle, struggles, actions. The lists goes on and on.

I hope whoever reads this can understand where I am coming from when I say this. People often say that a smile is all it takes. It really just comes down to how you express yourself. I’m not saying, by any means, you need to evaluate every move you make, but just think about the actions you display a little more often. It couldn’t hurt; it could only help.